Revolutionizing the way you close your customers.

Our CRM system is the best automated marketing tool on the market.

“Clever Hub gives us a significant advantage over our competitors utilizing the latest technology. “

-Jim Beach, Car Deets

Workflow Automation

Want the easiest way to retain customers and grow your business? Clever Hub includes pre-built automation emails and texts. These autoresponders are specifically designed to get prospective customers into your shop and will help keep your current customers coming back.

Improved Customer Retention

Our CRM system creates bi-monthly email blasts designed to educate your customers on your company’s services.  These blasts help up-sell items and services and contribute value to your customers.  Over a years worth of e-blasts services are included in Clever Hub.

All of Your Customers Under One Roof

Our CRM system consolidates all your customers from advertising, web inquiries, walk-ins and more into one centralized spot that you can easily manage. You’ll be able to reach all your customers and have their information organized to perfection. 

Our CRM Automates Your Marketing Workflow

Looking for a way to manage all your customer contacts in one place while growing your business? Clever Hub is your solution to automate your marketing workflow. We’ve created pre-made email and text auto-responders that have been designed to get you return on your business and new customers through your door. If you want to market new services to existing customers or reach new leads, our CRM system can do all that for you without you having to lift a finger. Take your marketing to the next level with the Clever Hub.

Revolutionize Your Customer Conversion

Let us take care of your customer acquisition

Let them Speak for us!

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