How it Works

What we do

Clever Hub consolidates all of your business’ customer inquiries.  We centralize information from the web, Facebook, walk-ins, phone inquiries, emails and anything else! By managing all of your leads under one roof our CRM system makes your life easier and more organized.

The CRM comes fully loaded with automated workflows that do all of your customer acquisition management for you, automatically. We increase lead generation of clients into your shop, while simultaneously increasing client retention by automating communication with your past and existing clientele. If you’ve been looking for a CRM system that will grow your business while taking out the time consuming legwork, you’ve found it with Clever Hub.

Step 1: First Contact with Customer

A prospective customer fills out an inquiry from one of your many digital mediums or simply calls or walks in. Having trouble getting customer inquiries, we can help you with that too. Click here to learn more about our advertising and lead generation opportunities.

Step 2: The Follow Up

Our Automated Workflows kick in. We reach out to the customer in a multitude of different ways to warrant a reaction. Our workflow sends a notification to your sales rep with the customer’s information to close the deal.

Step 3: Update Customer Status

If the customer replies to one of our automated workflows, the customer’s status is updated. However if the customer does not reply to either the sales reps phone call or our automated drips, an automated trigger occurs to contact the customer. Your sales rep is notified to follow up and close the deal with the client. Your sales rep is also sent a reminder to follow up to close the deal. This automation occurs yet another time if the customer still hasn’t replied.

Step 4: Appointment Confirmation

After the customer has replied and/or booked an appointment, they are sent a text or email confirmation reminder the day before the appointment. If the customer does not show up to the appointment, our automated workflow kicks in with an attempt to in reschedule with the customer. This automation is triggered the second the customer’s status is changed to “no show”.

Step 5: Documenting the Customer Sale

This is what happens after you close the sale. Upon successfully generating a sale to the customer, our system immediately updates the customer’s contact card with the services were performed along with pricing. Our system is fully compatible with Quickbooks to account for sale info and furthermore provide you with a historical record of what each customer purchased.

Step 6: Get Reviews

Your Business Needs Positive Customer Reviews. We have an answer for that. Immediately after the customer’s status is changed to services rendered, our app automatically sends the customer a text message thanking them for their business and requesting them to give you a review with a review link in the message.

Step 7: Automated Customer Retention

We keep your customers in the loop. Our system comes preloaded with over a years worth of email newsletters informing your customers of other valuable services you offer. Our CRM allows you to make custom emails and automated drip campaigns for whatever means you desire. Whether its a seasonal sale you want to put on or a special offering to a select group of your customers, we’ve got you covered.

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